Two Bones

Two Bones have created a revolutionary shin protection technology. 3D scanning perfectly mapping the contours of each leg. The shin protector is then moulded to precisely fit to individual shins.

Two Bones use high impact absorbing Poron XRD closed cell technology. The ultralight shin protectors only weigh 20-23 grams.

Tape Two have created a revolutionary football tape to quickly secure the Two Bones to the leg. The secure grip technology uses no glue. The 3D stretch flex-fit tape easily morphs to create an ultra comfortable fit.
Tape Two is breathable, anti-bacterial ultralight fabric.

Two Bones brand identity protects your shins
Two Bones Shin Protection is all we do packaging
Two Bones shin protection brand identity
Two Bones brand messages
Two Bones brand messages

When we first started working with Brond we simply had an idea, and knew the brand needed to shine above our competitors.

Brond has worked tirelessly to help us achieve all our goals.

We now have an iconic brand we are extremely proud of. Onwards and upwards!

Dan Roach - Director, Two Bones
Two Bones brand identity

Two Bones

Two Bones brand identity
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Tape Two brand identity
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Two Bones Tape Two 3D illustration render
Two Bones Tape Two brand identity brand messages
Two Bones Tape Two Brand messages