Our brand design process

Brond branding process

Brond follow a staged process during design projects.

We gather insights about your business to help define how your brand should behave to communicate effectively.

We craft designs to make your brand distinctive and individual.

We capture and communicate the story behind your brand to empower you to build a more powerful relationship with your audience.

Brond Build Brand Power
Brond branding process diagram
Brond Build brand effectiveness

Effective design

We understand that branding and design work needs to be right for your business and we take this responsibility seriously.

Design needs to deliver commercial results to have value. That's why we start projects by working with clients to define what business results we want to achieve.


Brond often start by auditing a brand to understand how a brand is communicating. We carry out site visits, interviews with key stakeholders, read through research to find our how the brand is being perceived by your consumers.

Once we have a deep understanding of the situation we try to discover consumer insights.


Brand definition needs to follow a meaningful and consistent pattern where the brand strategy is supported by the brand positioning, brand values, brand story and personality.

Build brand power

Engage and inspire your audience by making your story more powerful and consistent. Build emotional connections with people and deliver more effective business results.

Dan Grzonka - Brond

DBA Design Effectiveness Award Winning


Brond are creative.

We design solutions of how to capture the brand positioning in a visual way.

We craft designs to create brand identity, packaging, website and signage design. We create unique visual styles and develop branded colour palettes and brand imagery.

We define the way that the brand communicates with the audience by developing brand messages and develop a distinct tone of voice.


Brond plan a communication strategy that is bespoke to your business.

We deliver websites, advertising campaigns, digital, social media , signage, print, events and packaging.

We capture the way that the brand should communicate by creating detailed brand guidelines that create a blueprint for the consistent application of the brand to all communications.