About Brond

Brond are brand consultants.

We create designs for brands that are authentic, amplify personality and evoke emotion. Motivating people to take action.

We work in close partnership with people investing time to listen and understand them.

We are reliable, focussed and supportive.

Our business has grown through referrals from people we work with who are happy with the results of working with us.

We explore how to create meaningful effective change for the people that we work in partnership with.

We are ambitious and determined for the brands that we support.


Make a mark

A brand is not just a physical mark, it is also a mark that lives in the mind.

Crafting a brand is as much about what you take away, as about what you leave behind.

Be Authentic

Be brave enough to be yourself.

'Choose not a life of imitiation'

Can't Stop, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


Amplify Personality

Express yourself in a bold and confident way.

Brond believe that branding is able to unify a business and help set a constant set of values and common goals to focus on.

Evoke emotion

Create an emotional reaction.

Form a powerful emotional bond between your brand and your target audience.


Create action

Effective branding motivates your audience to take action.

Brond are looking for ways to stimulate a response to encourage people to get more involved with your organisation.

If you are looking to motivate an audience to book tickets, buy products, increase membership, engage supporters, create fans... we can help.

If you want people to feel passionate about your brand we are the right partner for you to work with.

Call us to start a discussion about how is your brand going to create action?