We are brand people.

The name Brond is the original word for brand.

We believe that branding is essential for businesses to really succeed. Branding can change how a company is perceived in the marketplace. Brond collaborate to create brands with purpose that positively influence business performance.

We are inquisitive and take time to understand the true story behind a brand. We discover what makes a brand distinctive and individual. Targeting both internal and external audiences we highlight what makes a brand unique to drive an emotional connection.

People refer Brond because of the effective business results we deliver.


Design services

Whatever your design requirement Brond can support your business.

Brand identity design (logo)
Brand naming & tone of voice
Brand strategy
Brand guidelines
Print design
Print management
Website design
Social media design
Photography & retouching
Design & artworking
Packaging design
Stationery design
Marketing materials
Advertising campaigns
Live events
Exhibition graphics

What is a brand?

A brand is more than a visual representation,
it is the perception of a company, product or service.

Brands live in people's minds:
Engaging people to think.

Brands live in people's hearts:
Creating an emotional connection.

What is branding?

Branding is designing how a brand will look visually and defining how it should behave.

This influences how people perceive and ultimately engage with a brand.


Stay true

A brand story needs to be believable and true.

Honest brands are believable to customers and more engaging. The consumer must trust what a brand is saying to them, it creates a stronger emotional connection.

Collaborate with Brond to discover the true story at the heart of your brand.