Deadly Art brand identity logo design

Deadly Art

Deadly Art follows on from the successful Deadly 60 series and involves a team of artists challenged to create Deadly art by Steve Backshall.

The series was presented by Nicola Wood, a sculptor, artist and TV presenter.

The brief was to develop a Deadly brand that illustrates the artistic nature of the series.

CBBC Deadly Art Steve Backshall
CBBC Deadly Art Graffiti Logo
CBBC Deadly Art Skull Stencil Spray Paint Urban Art
CBBC Deadly Art Steve Backshall Shark
CBBC Deadly Art Geckco Stained Glass Art
Deadly Art icon logo Skull Stencil Design Brand Identity

Deadly Art has been recommissioned and sold around the world, contributing to the success of the Deadly brand.

At one point the Deadly brand was the best selling BBC Brand world-wide, and it still remains one of the most recognisable and iconic symbols of Adventure Television.

This was in no small part down to Brond’s involvement.

James Brickell
- Series Producer and Head Of Digital Production, BBC

CBBC Deadly Art Tiger
CBBC Deadly Art Skull Illustration Art

Deadly Art

Master logo

Deadly skull icon

Stencils, splats, drips and colours were used to add texture and create a dynamic looking logo.

Brand identity was created to feel free and experimental, just like the art on the show.

Deadly Art Colourful Chameleon Art
Deadly Art Skull Icon Spray paint Stencil
CBBC Deadly Art Crocodile
CBBC Deadly Art logo design typography
CBBC Deadly Art Sand Sculpture Nicola WoodCharlie Grzonka
CBBC Deadly Art paint splatter logo
CBBC Deadly Art type typography design ART
CBBC Deadly Art set design Gecko coloured panels