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SNOAP Packaging

SNOAP was born out of the founder Lisa Hicks being horrified that 686 million plastic soap bottles, 617 million plastic body wash bottles and 520 million plastic shampoo bottles going into the environment, be it into landfill, incineration or into our oceans every single year in the UK.

Lisa thought that there must be a better way. So she invented one!

SNOAP is a revolutionary soap dispensing unit that removes the need for plastic soap bottles. SNOAP is only made from the finest natural ingredients that are kind to our environment. SNOAP is dispensed by turning the SNOAP bar inside the unit creating a
'snowfall' of SNOAP to wash with. Each SNOAP bar is the equivalent to 10 plastic bottles of liquid soap.

The environmental impact of toxic liquid soaps going into our rivers and oceans is a major problem. SNOAP is made from all natural ingredients so no nasties go into our rivers and oceans.

SNOAP is the solution to plastic and water pollution.

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SNOAP packaging design Original Organic Collection Nature's Healer Tea Tree
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SNOAP soap dispenser
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Working with Brond has been an exciting journey. They really developed an understanding of my business allowing them to not only produce great work but help create it too.

Both Dan and Cole have infectious personalities which comes through in everything they do, from packaging design to strap lines, colour ways to logos, Brond has it covered. I look forward to taking them on this journey with me.

Lisa Hicks - Founder & CEO, SNOAP, Odonata International Limited
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SNOAP packaging Living Luxury Collection Ruged
SNOAP packaging Living Luxury Collection Indulgence
SNOAP brand identity logo
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SNOAP Living Luxury Collection Packaging Design
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SNOAP Living Luxury Collection Packaging Design