Glede Brewing Company

A micro-brewery based in Clevedon, Somerset using traditional brewing techniques to produce quality real ales and stouts.

Glede Brewing Company, founded by Howard Tucker, aims to deliver traditionally crafted real ales using naturally floor dried malts combined with UK, Continental & New World hops to give a varied selection of fine tasting refreshing and full flavored real ales.

A delicious range of ales, give them a try!


When I embarked on my new venture of setting up my own micro-brewery I knew it was not going to be easy. In a market place that is abound with small craft beer entrepreneurs I knew I had to have two major ingredients (outside of what goes into making real ale). A great tasting product and a great looking image. The product was my own domain, but the image, well, that I needed help with. I kind of new in my own head what I was looking for but needed to get it out and into something more meaningful. I am very much a hands on face to face type of guy and when Brond responded to my brief, the first thing we did was have a face to face. That really got the personalities out in the open and the sense of enthusiasm both sides had of making this work. I needed someone to have the passion to understand what I was trying to achieve and to enlighten me by extracting what I was thinking but couldn’t express in a way that others might get, and get to know me and my beers!
What the team at Brond have delivered for me is a professional image, a passionate partnership and pliability to make it work and continue to help me make it grow into the future.

Howard Tucker, Owner of Glede Brewing Company


Glede Brewing Company

Brand identity featuring the iconic red kite

Bottle packaging for the Tuckers range of core ales

Bottle packaging for a range of seasonal ales

Pump Clip design for all ale ranges

Development of the Glede Brewing Company colour palette to reflect the natural environment of the red kite

Development of a corporate style for Glede Brewing Company