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Buddy State Tea is a sustainable, low sugar, naturally tasty beverage.

Buddy to the planet
• 65x less plastic
Buddy State create beverages which reduce the use of plastic bottles By replacing your plastic bottle ice tea with Buddy State Tea Stix you save 65x the plastic per serving.

• 36 x less CO2
Buddy State create beverages that reduce CO2 emissions. Buddy State Tea Stix are small and compact so they can transport many more stix in the same space which you use to transport plastic bottles.

Buddy to you
High quality ingredients that benefit your health and wellbeing. Buddy State tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified making it sustainably sourced.

Buddy State Tea Lemon Lush Packaging
Buddy State Buddy to the planet Buddy to you
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Buddy State bottle Klean Kanteen
Buddy State packaging Lemon Lush Stix

We set out with the mission to bring a health and wellness beverage brand to consumers which offers a sustainable solution for the planet through our innovative packaging format as well as healthier beverages through our clean ingredients.

We came to Brond with a desire to create a solution to the current problems we were seeing; unsustainable beverage offerings for the planet and the individual consumer.

Brond has been an integral part of our brand development and execution. We started from ground zero and with the experience, passion and work ethic of the Brond team we developed a brand which we are excited for consumers to try, engage with and ultimately love!

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Buddy State 65 x less plastic
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Buddy State Buddy to the planet 65% less plastic per drink
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