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TrueStart Coffee

Developed by athletes, TrueStart is the only coffee in the world that provides a controlled level of natural caffeine.

TrueStart performance coffee:
Improves focus and mental performance
Increases physical endurance
Reduces rate of perceived exertion

TrueStart is pure Colombian Arabica coffee. A distinctive, smooth and rich coffee with a beautifully balanced aroma.

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TrueStart Coffee Packaging
TrueStart Brand Identity Design
TrueStart Coffee Packaging Design
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TrueStart Brand Identity Design

Working with Dan and Cole was an absolute pleasure from the minute we met them. It's very rare to come across people who have such a deep understanding of people, and therefore where ideas and brands come from and how they develop.

These guys are so much more than designers or brand experts. They have the expertise, experience, patience and emotional intelligence required to be able to put themselves in your shoes whilst truly becoming part of your team and helping you to develop your brand and values until it really reflects your vision, more than you may have been able to communicate or visualise yourself.

Dan and Cole have a very empathic approach, they aren't about to try and push their own agenda into the creative process or design. The result of our experience with Brond was a truly incredible brand identity that we're exceptionally proud of - every single day we get comments about our beautiful logo and packaging.

We've also made some life long friends.

Helena Hills - Founder, TrueStart

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