Reedy's Naturally Jam logo brand identity typography

Reedy's Jam Packaging

New brand identity and packaging for Reedy’s range of delicious jams, preserves, relishes and chutneys.

Reedy’s home made products have a naturally exceptional taste that comes from from the best natural ingredients.

They don't use any artificial ingredients and are one of the few producers to set the preserves using freshly squeezed lemon juice and pectin from fresh apples.

Reedy's Jam Packaging Design Sweet Raspberry & Vanilla Jam
Reedy's Jam Packaging Design label design
Reedy's Jam Butterfly
Reedy's Jam Butterfly
Reedy's Jam Lemons
Reedy's Jam Packaging Range

When I first saw the design with the British butterflies chosen for each flavour I just knew that Brond had captured the natural flavour of my products. I felt so emotional about the design. It was just me.

I love British wildlife and the finest British ingredients.

The range of designs created by Brond, just like Reedy's food, is 'bob on!'

Lisa Reedy - Founder, Reedy's

Reedy's Jam Sales Literature Flyer Marketing Design
Reedy's Capturing Natures Flavours and Brightness marketing messages


Brand identity featuring a butterfly illustration as the apostrophe

Packaging with each flavour represented by a beautifully colourful British butterfly to capture the natural essence of Reedy’s products

A new brand message was created:
'Naturally Capturing Nature's Flavours & Brightness'.

Incorporating 'Naturally' into the flavour descriptors

The labels were printed onto an uncoated stock to emphasise the natural ingredients.

A new range of jars were sourced to reflect the quality of the product.

Reedy's Packaging Design Range Jam
Reedy's Jam Butterfly
Reedy's Naturally Jam packaging design
Reedy's Jam Packaging Range Design
Reedy's typography butterfly logotype logo design
Reedy's Packaging Design Jam Range
Reedy's Jam Butterfly
Reedy's Naturally Jam Packaging Range