Pourty The Potty That Pours brand logo


The Pourty brand name came from fusing together the words 'potty' and 'pour'.

Pourty - The potty that pours.

Pourty now produce a series of products aimed at toddlers going through the process of potty and toilet training.

Pourty Potty that pours
Pourty packaging design
Pourty happy children potty
Pourty cat character design
Pourty logo design branded colour palette
Pourty The Potty that pours packaging range

Brond performed a critical role in not only building the brand but also designing our first product, the Pourty Potty.

Brond helped us explore different design concepts with various animal designs before steering us back to focus on the unique pouring function. They then developed the Pourty logo and the all important packaging for our products. Brond have been hugely supportive, patient and great to work with.

We have been particularly impressed by the constant focus on ensuring that the artwork not only looks good but also conveys the message needed to sell the products.

Jon Rathbone
- Founder, Pourty

Pourty Flexi-Fit toilet seat for children packaging design
Pourty The Potty that pours logo design strapline


Brand naming

Brand identity

Product development

Packaging design


The brand identity was developed to look attractive to young children. Soft colours and rounded shapes were used to help people feel comfortable and safe when choosing the product.

Character development:
A fun, friendly character was also created 'Pourty Cat'

Pourty is now sold globally

Pourty Flexi-Fit brand identity packaging
Pourty character design
Pourty packaging character development
Pourty packaging messaging and icons
Pourty packaging happy children
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Pourty Flexi-fit packaging design
Pourty packaging instructions