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Longleat VIP

Longleat have made it possible for you to get up-close and personal with some of Longleat's spectacular animals.

Make your visit to Longleat even more memorable. The carefully designed encounters allow you to experience wild animals in a way that few people ever will.

Become a Longleat VIP yourself, or buy VIP gift vouchers for friends and loved ones.

Get even closer.

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Cole and Dan have a way of making a huge intangible task seem easy, doable and, more importantly, fun. The rebrand of Longleat’s VIP product was exciting for me as I get to work with the products every day; and every time I spoke with either Cole or Dan on this project, my enthusiasm was always met with encouragement and gusto.

This particular project required a lot of sampling and printing also, and this aspect was overseen by Brond with such detail and care that there really was no question of my confidence for a quality output.

Thank you all at Brond for being so easy to do business with!

Sally Boyce
- Marketing & Sales Executive, Longleat

Just a quick thank you - I ordered a VIP experience for a Christmas gift for my mum, and I didn't expect the ticket and pass to be so well presented - I thought I would have to print something off!

Just to let you know that it's really appreciated and your hard work is going to make someone very happy on Christmas Day!

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Longleat VIP

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