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BBC Bristol Reception

BBC Bristol wanted to create a branded reception area for BBC Broadcasting House on Whiteladies Road that would engage and inspire visitors and staff alike.

Brond were tasked with creating a concept to illustrate the breadth and depth of production that occurs at BBC Bristol, and the 'Bristol IS' campaign was born.

BBC Bristol is News reception graphics
BBC Bristol Reception Graphics
BBC Bristol is 80 years old flag graphics
BBC Bristol is 80 years old flag graphics
BBC Bristol IS Documentaries
BBC Bristol tiger reception graphics

What I like about working with Brond is their consultative approach.
They spend a lot of time at the outset understanding the requirements and getting to know the different elements that make up the brand.

Brond bring a relaxed and friendly approach, combined with an inquisitiveness that helps ideas flow and the creative flair to turn these ideas into reality. Brond has worked with BBC Bristol to build some of our most successful on-screen brands, including Deadly 60.

A much more complex and multi-layered task was to create a brand campaign that conveyed BBC Bristol’s 80 year heritage and range of output. The resulting ‘Bristol IS’ campaign brought the visitors area at BBC Bristol to life and has been infused throughout the Bristol campus to successfully convey the BBC Bristol ‘personality’ to both staff and visitors. The branding is sufficiently versatile to be rolled out at audience events, including premier screenings and other major events.

Ed Jezard
- Campus Operations Manager, BBC

BBC Bristol reception graphics vinyl graphics
BBC Bristol Suspension Bridge Graphics LOCAL

BBC Bristol Reception

Creation of the 'BBC Bristol is' campaign. Each graphic panel represents the output of BBC Bristol.

The graphics were double sided and let the light through to make the most of the glass walls on all sides of the reception area.

The entrance flags celebrated 80 years of BBC production in Bristol.

BBC Bristol reception graphics hot air balloon vinyl
BBC Bristol Suspension Bridge Graphics LOCAL
BBC Bristol reception Graphics
BBC Bristol Suspension Bridge Graphics Close Up
BBC Bristol IS Food Natural History
BBC Bristol reception graphics close up Gardening
BBC Bristol IS Rural Affairs reception graphics
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