Autumnwatch brand identity logo


The flagship BBC2 programme tracking the changes in nature throughout Autumn, produced by the BBC Natural History Unit.

The revised brand identity aimed to capture the warmth of golden sunlight cascading down through the leaves on an autumn day.

Autumnwatch brand red squirrel
Autumnwatch presenters
Autumnwatch branded vehicle graphics design
Autumnwatch brand
BBC Autumnwatch brand salmon
BBC Autumnwatch funny

In 2011, when we were looking to refresh things for Autumnwatch, Brond did a great job of sprinkling some magic on some rather tired branding.

Their enthusiasm was infectious and they really ran with the concepts we discussed. In the end, they produced not only updated and improved designs but also physical props, such as banners and branded vehicles.

Brond’s ability to literally produce the full package is impressive.

Roger Webb
- Series Editor, BBC

BBC Autumnwatch Live vehicle graphics design
BBC Autumnwatch brand barn owl

Autumnwatch, Autumnwatch Unsprung and Autumnwatch Live

Brand identity

Title animations

On screen graphics

Branded vehicle wrap

Branded flags

On screen props

Show cards

BBC Autumnwatch Live vehicle graphics design
BBC Autumnwatch brand identity design
BBC Autumnwatch title sequence design
BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung squirrel character animation
BBC Autumnwatch Chris Packham set design
BBC Autumnwatch funny
BBC Autumnwatch opening title sequence
BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung logo design brand identity