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Elmhirst Gin Packaging

Elmhirst Gin is distilled for the Dartington Trust by Cosmo Caddy of the Devon Distillery. Cosmo is the Great Grandson of Dorothy & Leonard Elmhirst, who founded the Dartington Trust in 1925, hence the name ‘Elmhirst Gin’.

Given the local connections of the gin, we developed a concept to apply a piece of Dartington-inspired art on the packaging. The beauty of the concept is the art is applied to the back and seen through the lens of the bottle. We chose artist William Luz, who has created a number of illustrations for Dartington Trust, because we love his use of bright colours & abstract compositions.

The key to this project was to find a way to honour the story of the gin and the beauty of the Dartington Estate, whilst creating a stylish design that will inspire customers to purchase. We hope you’ll agree it makes a beautiful bottle that you’ll want to keep on your shelf long after the gin has been enjoyed!

Elmhirst Gin drinks packaging design
Elmhirst Gin Range
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Elmhirst Gin drinks packaging design

Dear Cole & Dan,

I have really enjoyed working with you on this project. Thanks for all your creativity and thoughtful approach to this project.

Annabelle Cruickshank - Merchandise and Retail Strategy Manager, Dartington Trust
Elmhirst Gin Illustration William Luz
Elmhirst Gin Ginny Artisan Gin

Elmhirst Gin

Elmhirst Gin packaging
3 different packaging sizes: 70cl, 35cl, 5cl.
Working with illustrator William Luz to create artworks

Elmhirst Gin range includes:
Elmhirst Gin - London Dry:
Smooth, classic gin led by aromatic juniper, followed by warming spice tones and a lemon finish.

Elmhirst Gin - Pink Grapefruit:
A dry, citrus led gin starting with notes of pink grapefruit, mellowing to the sweetness of orange peel and finished with the gentle floral note of elderflower.

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Ginny Still on the move
William Luz Illustration
William Luz Illustration
Elmhirst Gin
Elmhirst Gin and tonic
Elmhirst Gin drinks packaging design
Elmhirst Gin icons